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Hello Sponsors and ASC. I thought I’d get you all a quick report.

The day started great. We had fun.

Picking up their food box


The Wounded Knee driver never showed up so we’ll do them today. I was called by some of the residents out there, and I did tell them to pass the word. We’ll be there in the a.m., so Barbara let them know we aren’t done yet. The weather was nice, but the melting snow caused icy areas. We had people getting stuck right in front of the garage. I saw many promising situations yesterday; some within the people coming in, and some within our crew. It was fun, and, at one point, I walked in the back and picked a tune on my guitar. Some of the people coming in got a smile on their face. I guess I felt like there was a need to fire up the people and give them a smile. Or, maybe I just felt better as last month I had a cold.  


The people were happy to get a big ol' ham yesterday instead of a turkey, so it went over well. Friday night we put on two crockpots of deer soup. The workers loved it, and both pots are gone. Feeding South Dakota gave us more candy than I thought, but I didn’t know so we could have passed out more. We were just giving it out to the people who came with kids. The kids come on with the parents, and they look around curiously. I like to visit the kids and make them feel comfortable out at the garage. I see their eyes looking at this place so I say, “Come back here. I got something you’ll like!” The parents are getting the signature and box, I’m showing the kids the candy bin, and sometimes a guitar tune.


The One Spirit Food Program has really got a neat crew working in the garage. Manderson got a new driver. His name is Ted Janis. He’s one neat guy. He joined our special forces One Spirit Food Program adventure. I just got a call from him this morning, and he enjoyed the adventure better than all Star Wars episodes. Ted did a good job, and he said it felt good to help the people in his community. He also said he’d do it again. Ted did say there was one guy who said he was glad the food came, as this guy was getting weak from no food at the house. Maybe ASC’s could remind people to call Bamm and come in to the garage anytime of the month when times get hard.

Watching our flyer Jason Sierra

Our main troubled spot sounds like Porcupine area, plus we had a new driver Kay Anne Janis who lives in the Wounded Knee area. She had come back to the garage. It was after dark with a total of 15 boxes and same amount of hams and coffee. She reported a lot not home and a few roads that were impassable due to snow/ice. They got stuck at the second house they went to, and she was with Jenny Rabbit who had her 7-month-old baby aboard. This is a Grandmother and Daughter in-law team. Jenny had to get out and push, and then she also did some digging with a snow shovel. They finally got out, but they didn’t let that discourage them. They continued on through the route. After they came back to the garage, they were just laughing about the whole adventure. They did say the people were happy to get the food, and the kids were smiling too. Kay Anne said Jenny was really pushing, and all that time she didn’t have her four wheel drive turned on. Once they switched it into four-wheel it drove right out.

There were 128 walk-ins (and more coming in daily) from the Pine Ridge area during and after the distribution of all outer districts, most were folks not on the list. Basically, the districts are done first, and the Pine Ridge area resident walk-ins don’t really have an advantage. This is really strategically more proper and fair, but we need more of the people on the list to know they got to walk in.  There is starting to be more and more walk-ins of people on the list, but we still need a higher percentage.

Bamm's Young warrior pick of the month: Jason Sierra. This young boy is cool. He stayed in the garage all day with us passing out food to the elders and carried out many boxes all day. He is a football player, and my son Mat has already started coaching him! I'd like to recognize him and honor him! Wolf Creek School student !! Ya!!

By Bamm Brewer

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