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Eagle Brings A Message To The People
On Food Distribution Day
by Bamm Brewer


They always bring a special message to the people and are considered good luck. As I was driving to Chadron yesterday I looked up in this tree along the road and there was this big Golden Eagle. I stopped to get a picture but it flew too early. I then noticed there were more out in the field and actually saw four altogether. They were having a feast on an antelope kill. This one stayed on the ground at all times as the others flew around above; they were like the drivers of our food program.

Golden Eagle


The Great Spirit had sent them good fortune, the same as our sponsors do each month for the Lakota families. It's all a blessing and the day was a good one for those eagles. I saw our program through this sight -there is good coming to all of you who are so generous to the people.

Snow covered forest


In the Lakota way they say when we give, it is true Lakota way and the Great Spirit will bring it back to those who give. It comes back to us in the same blessedway. This is the way. I heard this ever since I was a kid around here among the people. The Eagle has come and with this, each one of you may have a good day with no stress and let go of any negativity.



This is a beautiful day. We must do like the eagle and feed the spirit and the people too. Today we will make a Spirit plate before we start and say a special wopila prayer for all those generous sponsors and our new friend Tom. So everyone relax and have inner peace; this day will go good, I have seen this message.

Thank You For All You Do!

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