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Dear One Spirit Family,
We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of the food program on behalf of the families you sponsor. As you know it’s a critical and basic need that you are addressing.

Sorting Food


Unfortunately the need is increasing in numbers each month and we feel  that it’s time to reexamine our food program and look for a long term plan that creates a sustainable solution for the people of Pine Ridge.


As you know this will not be an overnight transition but it begins with the way we think. We are looking into options that include greenhouses, organic food gardens, the meat house and food pantries at central locations.


We have seen a bright spot with the success of the organic garden created by Ohitika Sierra from Oglala. Her success can be a model and  example to encourage and educate others to follow.

Zucchini plant

The organic garden of Mike and Ohitika Sierra, Oglala, SD. Find them on Facebook: Ta S'ina Tokaheya

The success of urban gardens in cities like Detroit and inner cities across the U.S show us that not only can the garden provide much needed healthy food in areas where it was not available but it also creates pride in the participation of growing the food.

We also think strategically located pantries will allow the people to use food supplies such as flour and sugar to make home baked traditional foods that can be shared.


We are publishing this now to let you know that we are working with the Lakota people to implement all of the above options.

In the interim, we need your ongoing support as usual but would like to open up the conversation with all of you to create a forum where you can provide feedback, ideas, suggestions, contacts and resources. We can make a dramatic shift in how we manage the current program for the future if we collectively pool our resources.

By making your monthly contributions and sponsoring families you have shown us that you are committed and care about providing the basic human needs of food. Now let’s take a big step forward and begin the transition to a sustainable food program that will be managed on the reservation.

We invite you to contact us and share your ideas. Please send ideas, suggestions and comments to Jeri Baker at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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