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The Return of the Buffalo by Bamm Brewer

Meat house and Tepee

Good news is always special, so I thought I'd send you all some. The Buffalo House is looking really nice.

We have put on all the corner trim and the siding is braced up. The steel beam rail has been braced and strengthene. I say we could hang at least 6 buffalo on that rail just how it is. It’s been real special to be working on the One Spirit Charging Buffalo House once again. There’s some good feedback out there coming back at us over the internet and here locally. This enterprise is truly a much-needed operation here. 

Horses at the meat house
Working at the meat house Working at the meat house
Working at the meat house Working at the meat house


A Special Summer

Couldn't have asked for more

This summer's been the best I couldn't ask for a more special summer. I've been lucky to start out with the Crazy Horse Ride and enjoyed a very hot weathered spiritual experience with the youth. We have been in our New Warrior Camp about all summer, with some local youth staying here at the ranch about all summer. The Food Day at the end of each month has brought us more good experience and we learned more ways to do the distribution in a productive way, so basically we've made more improvements about every month.


Grandma with foodbox
Filling boxes At the IAG


The Land and the Honor

"Charging" land; Tribal Buffalo Keepers

The Buffalo are pretty cool walking right by the house each morning. It's a place gifted to our family out here from our Great Grand Mother Lizbeth "Lizzy" Charging, the land belonged to my Charging side of the family. Great Grand Mother Lizzy was a Wounded Knee survivor. She and Grandfather Dave Charging also were part of the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show, that traveled over the big Water. The land owners have gifted their share of the land to me after I helped raise some of the younger Charging kids years ago. There is no place on the reservation where you'll find more of our culture revived. The Brewer Charging Buffalo Ranch is the home base station of the Horse Nation, Home of the Crazy Horse Ride and the New Warrior Camps. We also do the OST Buffalo Share Crop agreement with the OST Park and Recreation. We are one of only two Buffalo keepers for the tribe. If someone really understood this it is a very big honor. We are given full responsibility for a portion of our tribal buffalo. That is a very special honor. The Share Crop Program shows what our Tribe thinks of us and we are truly proud of this responsibility. We not only help by keeping Buffalo here at the ranch, we also go to each round-up and help. People are not openly able to do this because of insurance of the Parks and Recreation, however our family is allowed to come to the Round-up and sometimes we help right at the main holding chute with vet work.



Looking Back is Good, Looking Forward is Better

Dreams happen with hard work

This Buffalo House is good hard work too. I remember long ago when we first started the buffalo fence work. I remember at the end of the day being so tired from digging fence post holes. The work has been tough and sometimes you get tears in your eyes after a long day around here and you’re walking back to the truck thinking "I hope this is all worth it". When I look back and compare today to yesterday it truly has been worth it. It truly has been a dream come true out here with the buffalo and I feel the same is coming with the Buffalo House. At the completion, One Spirit with the help of many kind-hearted folks will have planted the seeds of a self-sustaining food Program. The dream of Lakota not being hungry and eating good and healthy will return and so too will better health. A new generation is now being formed, with a much brighter future. 
>Looking back is good but Looking forward is better. I see the One Spirit way is more culturally involved with our people. The center was at one time long ago the buffalo, and for years, and for generations no one has made more bigger steps than what One Spirit is doing with the buffalo culture today through our Buffalo House.


We looked up at the sky yesterday from the building. Straight up way high a big golden eagle circled high. Two days ago there were 3 big eagles floating around high up. The Great Spirit is happy and wants us to go hard and fast. Our dream is now the same as the dream of our relatives of long ago, "seek not the warriors of long ago, seek what they sought" "The return of the Buffalo."


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