The Lakota and One Spirit are working to bring back the buffalo to Pine Ridge. With the buffalo, they can end hunger on the reservation.


This a monumental step in creating food sovereignty on the reservation. One Spirit is partnering with the Lakota community to make it happen this year.

You can be part of this defining movement in Lakota history. The Bring Back the Buffalo Project will ensure that there are reliable food sources on the reservation. It will be a game-changer in ending hunger.


The Bring Back the Buffalo Project will:

  • Increase the buffalo herd on the reservation
  • Set up a USDA-certified meat processing facility
  • Provide meat for the food program
  • Create local employment
  • Keep funds on the reservation
  • Enable the Lakota to feed their community

Bamm Brewer speaks about the sacred buffalo and the need for Lakota food sovereignty.
In order to complete the facility, the we need to raise around $25,000. 


What We Still Need

Interior - washable plastic paneling and insulation

Electrical system and installation (lights, wire, labor)

Building cooling system and walk-in coolers


With your help, we can make it happen. Please stand with the Lakota and bring food sovereignty to Pine Ridge.