These families and elders are currently looking for sponsors:


A double amputee living alone is in desperate need of a sponsor. He does get a small monthly disability check. Recently, 2 teen-aged boys tried to rob him of his money and injured him severely; breaking his hand, dislocating his shoulder and kicking him, causing more damage to his kidneys. He will be in the hospital for another month while he recovers from his injuries. He could really use an Angel! # 150-12-1017-02

Parents with very little are hoping that their 3 young daughters will have the friendship and support of sponsors. Baby daughter is 1 year old and has learned the joy of getting around by her own two feet. She motors everywhere! Daughter age 5 is very smart, enjoys coloring, talented in arts and crafts, enjoys playing with stickers and Barbie dolls. She is very kind and tender hearted. Daughter age 9 is also very smart and enjoys reading when not playing volleyball or running cross country. She is very kind and tender hearted. # 140-02-1017-04

This 12 year old boy is dreaming big! He is going to be in the NFL and going to be a star football player. Very athletic, active and loves to play all sports. His father describes him as a good student, determined and focused. Having a sponsor might just give him that boost to reach his goals. # 139-12-1117/01

This active 16 year old Teen girl has a lot of determination and drive. That's what it takes to finish a cross country race. She is very active in track and field and enjoys sports very much. Her mom describes her as a good student and very committed to do her best. Having a sponsor would not only help with things like running shoes, etc. but boost her confidence as well. # 139-04-1117-01

An elder man who is in a wheelchair is trying hard and is grateful for any help he receives. He has lost his legs and has prosthetics but finds it difficult to get around....He is living in an old trailer with very little. Awhile back, when he was in the hospital his trailer blew over and had to be righted. He has had a rough time but tries hard to be positive.. Besides a helping hand he would love to have a friend. He lives alone and has to depend on others to take him to doctors appts. and for groceries. He called again the other day to tell me he sure hopes someone will want to sponsor him. # 147-16-0118-01

It takes a village...
Tiny and very remote community has a number of children, elders, and families who would love to have sponsorship and support. This community has newborns, tots, teens, and working families, that could use a hand up. While there is no shortage of strength, perseverance and determination, there is a shortage of basic human needs. Please consider helping one of these residents thrive in their ancestral land. # 141-56-0118-01

Parents of 3 rising star athletes would greatly appreciate the assistance of sponsors for their teenage children. A tall young lady, daughter age 16 is a natural at basketball. When not on the court, she enjoys being with her friends. A tall young man, son age 14, is a natural at basketball and cross country. He also excels in his studies at school. Son age 12 is quite the artist. He truly enjoys drawing when not playing football and basketball. # 140-02-1017-05


If you are able to sponsor a child, an elder or a family and would like to have more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and tell us the number of the person in question which you find at the end of every story.

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