These families and elders are currently looking for sponsors:

This is a sponsorship request for an Elder who has custody of her two school age grandsons. They live on commodities and this lovely lady has a daily struggle to pay bills, feed and to buy clothes for each of them.
Elders on the reservation often lead difficult lives because of poor housing conditions and lack of resources.
Some items Elders appreciate and may ask for are coffee, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, seasonal clothing, shoes and coats.
This Elder could really use the help of a sponsor. It would make her life so much easier. #149-06-0417-01

This is a sponsorship request for a grandmother raising her three grandchildren. This lovely lady would dearly love to have a sponsor for her eldest grandson, 8 years old. Because of the Lakota culture of sharing, any clothes bought by a sponsor for her 8 year old grandson would be passed down to her 6 year old grandson once the older child had grown out of them.
Having a sponsor would make a huge difference to this wonderful lady’s life and to that of her grandchildren. #149-58-0417-01

A grandmother and her grandson are in urgent need of help. She does farm setting construction work, but there have been no jobs for quite a while and they are barely making ends meet. Basic necessities are scarce. They can't remember when they last had new clothing. Her precious grandson has not had a new pair of shoes in almost a year, and his toes have worn through the fabric. Again his birthday went by without being able to afford a present for him. Their house is in need of windows that were busted out when their home was burglarized. Bad weather has been harsh. They use a dorm style refrigerator which does not have a freezer nor does it have much storage space. Her Elder parents are due to have major surgery soon, and after their release from the hospital, they will need to move in with her and her grandson, bringing with them the 2 grandchildren they have custody of. A sponsor's help would be life-changing for them. #139-04-0417-01

This elder couple is hoping for a sponsor's help. They care for their disabled son and are pillars of their community. Granddad is a dialysis patient in need of protein bars, etc. Has great sense of humor and loves cowboy shirts! Grandmother helps her community in getting residents to medical appointments and cares for her husband and son. She would love a sponsor as well. #141-56-0417-01


Parents struggling to make ends meet, not able to work due to health issues, are hoping to find a sponsor for their 12 year old daughter. Their daughter enjoys coloring and drawing, reading and music, playing basketball and volleyball. #140-02-0417-01


A young mother with very little income that she earns from working odd jobs when she can, is hoping for a sponsor for her 5 year old growing son. He enjoys playing outside as well as coloring, reading and math. In addition to much needed clothing, she would love for him to have a few books to read and color as well as action figures to play with, like cars from the movie "Cars", dinosaurs and Spiderman. #140-02-0417-02


A twelve year old little girl would love to have a sponsor. Her two sisters and brother all have sponsors - and she would very much like one too. The little girl say promises she would stay in touch. Her mom says she is shy and loves to go hiking, play volleyball and draw. #147-16-0417-01


A little girl who turned eleven in the beginning of the year would love to have a sponsor..... She is part of a large family being raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather has been very sick and things have been hard lately. She would very much like to have someone be her special friend. She knows what a sponsor is because some of her older cousins in the family have a sponsor and she asked her grandmother to find one for her too. #147-16-0417-02​


This adorable little girl turning 4 this summer is in need of a sponsor. She is living with her grandmother and her cousins. She is the typical little girl who loves to play with dolls and play with her 4 year old cousin. Her cousin is lucky - she has a sponsor..... This little girl would love to have a sponsor too like her cousin. #147-16-0417-03


If you are able to sponsor a child, an elder or a family and would like to have more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and tell us the number of the person in question which you find at the end of every story.