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Team ONE Spirit - The Lakota 5

Team One Spirit Lakota 5 NYC 2014

Team ONE Spirit - the Lakota 5 - are running for the Lakota youth. They are competing to raise funds for reservation Youth Centers and inspire native youth to create a brighter future.

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How To Donate

Donations can be made online with Paypal, with a major credit card or by mail.

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Donations/contributions may also be made by check or money order to One Spirit and sent to:

One Spirit
PO Box 3209
Rapid City SD 57709


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Tribal Resolution

In September 2011, the tribal council of the Oglala Lakota passed a resolution in support of One Spirit.

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Support OS while Shopping

Now you have the great opportunity to raise money for One Spirit while you are shopping without paying more for your products. Click on the link below to learn how it works.

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Sponsorship Program





The Sponsorship program has always been an important OS program that brings assistance directly to families and elders and also promotes inter-cultural understanding and friendship. Both families and sponsors tell us frequently how much it means to them. Both seem to gain equal benefits from the program. There are about 800 sponsors in the program at this time and about 1000 children and elders on the waiting list hoping for a sponsor. The children and elders on the program have urgent needs for warm clothing, blankets, shoes, food and other basic needs.

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Youth Center Opens March 28th


Youth Center
It's hard to believe after years of fundraising and planning that the new Youth Center in Allen is set to open in just a few days!

Items Still Needed

Because of your generosity the center has received many wonderful items for the new Center. 

Folding chair  However, the community still needs about 75 more padded folding chairs.


 Logo AYC

Tee Shirts
We want to make sure that the all of the kids feel like they belong. We want them to feel a sense of pride in being part of the youth center. To welcome them into this new community, we are hoping to give each child a t-shirt. The cost of each is $15.00 and we are in need of sponsors to help obtain them.

Would you please consider sponsoring a T-shirt for one Lakota child?

If you place an order to be shipped directly to the reservation, please email Sharon Dusky, Donor Services manager at

However, we are still in need of several things. To find out what these things are, have a look at our wish list.

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Bracelet Donations

For a donation of $35.00 to One Spirit for the Allen Youth Center, we will send you one of these beautiful quill bracelets as a token of our thanks! They come with a tag verifying they have been made by an OST (Oglala Sioux Tribe) member. A portion of the proceeds will be used to help complete the furnishings for the new Allen Youth Center- the other portion pays the artist.



Manderson and Wounded Knee next

"Amidst an increasing number of news reports detailing cases of fraud involving charities working on behalf of Native people, the organization One Spirit has advanced its efforts to improve the lives of children on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation by erecting a youth center in the community of Allen. “We have been working with the Lakota people for a while to pull together a youth center. It really started with the folks in Allen as they approached us,” said Jeri Baker of One Spirit. One of the things that have been big on our list is a youth center, something that we can use to provide the type of care that youth need,” she added.

Youth Center

"The stated mission of the organization which has been operating on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for about ten years is to help assist Native people in reinvigorating culture..." Read the rest of the article in the Lakota Country Times.

John DuBray


"Youth center in Allen nears completion | Rapid City, Black Hills, So Dak. Gillette Sheridan KOTA Territory News"

"Youth in Allen will now have a safe place to hang out and seek support."

See the Kota News interview with elder and community leader, John DuBray

Community leader John DuBray smiles as he watches his dream come true.


Cold days return to the Lakota

Mission: Firewood
Our Mission right now is Firewood. Seeing those warmer winter days of February all of a sudden vanish has brought about some panic for some of our elders. When the garage open sign is on we get people coming in who are desperate for help. Whether it is for food or firewood, they all now know the garage is the Base Station for the One Spirit help.

Unloading Wood

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ONE Spirit

ONE Spirit is a federally registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Monetary donations are tax deductible. 90% of all donations/contributions received are used for direct support of the Lakota programs. 
ONE Spirit is recognized by GuideStar, the primary resource for information about non-profits.

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